Torre Fornello

Torre Fornello


Torre Fornello is based in Emilia Romagna, northern Italy. The adventure of Torre Fornello began in 1998, when Enrico Sgorbati founded this beautiful winery. The vineyards cover a total of 73 hectares, divided into two farms, one cultivated solely with certified organic grapes. Enrico decided to adopt a special focus on environmental sustainability for 13 hectares of his vineyards to ensure minimal human intervention. These vineyards have been certified as organic. This led Enrico, from the very beginning of his adventure, to restore the ancient estate and build a modern winery to produce wines of the highest quality and personality. The grapes used in Torre Fornello are all from their own vineyards and are directly fermented. For Enrico the terrior is very important: his wines must fully reflect the terroir of Piacenza, without any interventions that could alter flavors or fragrances.

For these reasons, the wines produced by Torre Fornello truly reflect the personality of this territory: complex, elegant, enveloping and balanced. In total the winery offers a range of around 20 different wines: red, white, sparkling red, sparkling white, and rose that include options for every occasion.

Pinot Noir IGT ‘Musica’

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